Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades

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Lana Rhoades: A Rapid Rise for a Model and Erotic Actress

Amara Maple, better known as Lana Rhoades, is a model and actress who grew up in the countryside in McHenry, Illinois. Having finished high school earlier than expected, she excelled in cheerleading and other sports. The idea of venturing into the adult industry emerged before her 18th birthday, and she decided to apply once she came of age. At that time, she moved closer to Chicago, where she worked at the Tilted Kilt. Lana's fame skyrocketed with her initial images for Playboy Cyber Girls the same year. A few months later, she made the leap into the adult world and quickly garnered numerous fans and glowing reviews, particularly for her erotic film “Lana” (2017), making her a highly sought-after model.


  • Birth Name: Amara Maple
  • Stage Name: Lana Rhoades
  • Date of Birth: September 6, 1996
  • Place of Birth: McHenry, Illinois, United States
  • Age: 26 years (as of 2023)

Journey and Youth:

Amara Maple, known as Lana Rhoades, is a model and actress hailing from the countryside in McHenry, Illinois. She graduated from high school early and excelled in activities such as cheerleading and other sports.

Transition to the Adult Industry:

Even before reaching the age of 18, Lana had contemplated a career in the adult industry. As soon as she reached adulthood, she made the decision to embark on this path. At the age of 18, she moved closer to Chicago, where she worked at an establishment called Tilted Kilt. In the same year, Lana caught attention by posing for the initial images of Playboy Cyber Girls.

Debut in the Adult Industry:

A few months later, Lana made the leap into the adult industry, rapidly earning the admiration of many fans and critics. She quickly established herself as a highly sought-after model, especially through her erotic film “Lana” (2017).

Rise to Fame:

Her entry into the adult world was marked by a meteoric rise, accumulating fame and notoriety. Lana Rhoades distinguished herself through her charisma, professionalism, and physical allure, becoming an indispensable figure in her field.

Cinematic Legacy:

The erotic film “Lana” (2017) played a pivotal role in Lana Rhoades' career, establishing her status as a prized model and renowned erotic actress. Her performances garnered praise and positive reviews, solidifying her place in the adult industry.


Lana Rhoades has successfully transformed her life in the countryside into a remarkable career in the adult industry. Her journey encompasses her beginnings in McHenry, her stint in more conventional workplaces like the Tilted Kilt, to her radiant celebrity as a model and erotic actress. Despite the critiques and controversies surrounding this industry, Lana has left an undeniable mark in the world of adult entertainment.