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Find love according to your tastes, create your dating profile today.

People who like what you like.

Now, the groups you are a member of and the events you attend can help you meet people with similar interests.

  • Groups: Find people who like the things you already like.
  • Events: Meet people at events you are already attending.

A space dedicated to meetings

Your Facebook dating profile and conversations will not be shared outside of the Dating Platform. And everything you need to create a separate profile on the Dating Platform is already in the app you know.

Create a dating profile in your Facebook app!

Facebook has long been a platform for connecting with friends and family, but now it's also a place to find love. Facebook Dating is a feature built into the Facebook app that allows users to connect with potential partners. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook Dating to find someone special.


  • Large user base: As one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, Facebook has a massive user base. This means that there are many potential matches to be found on Facebook Dating.
  • Integration with Facebook: Facebook Dating is integrated into the main Facebook app, making it easy to use. You don't have to download a separate app or create a new account.
  • Free to use: Unlike many other dating apps, Facebook Dating is completely free to use.
  • Safety and security: Facebook is a well-established platform with robust security measures in place to protect users' personal information.
  • Ability to see mutual friends: One of the unique features of Facebook Dating is the ability to see if you and a potential match have any mutual friends. This can be a great way to gauge compatibility and also provide a sense of security.


  • Limited to Facebook users: In order to use Facebook Dating, you must have a Facebook account. This limits the potential pool of matches.
  • Privacy concerns: Some users may be hesitant to use Facebook Dating due to concerns about privacy. Facebook has faced criticism in the past for its handling of user data, and some people may not feel comfortable sharing personal information on the platform.
  • Limited functionality: Compared to other dating apps, Facebook Dating has limited functionality. It does not have as many features as other dating apps like swiping, match suggestions and chat function.

Overall, Facebook Dating is a great option for those looking to connect with potential partners without spending any money. The large user base and integration with the main Facebook app make it easy to use, while the ability to see mutual friends can be a great way to gauge compatibility. However, the limited pool of potential matches and privacy concerns may be a turn-off for some users.

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