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How does it work?

Once offers you up to four free matches each day, specially chosen for you by our Matchmakers. You receive these meetings every day at noon. Your profile will be at the heart of their attention for 24 hours and you will have 24 hours to study theirs. If you like each other, a free chat window will automatically open. You will then have the opportunity to chat with him / her as much as you want!

How are my meetings chosen?

Today's fixtures are chosen by our team of Matchmakers. They only select active profiles (online at least once in the last 48 hours) and use all the profile information available to them to establish the best possible matches.

One of the most important criteria is proximity. However, there may be times when no one is connected around you. That’s why we sometimes choose to offer you a profile that is a little further down, instead of not suggesting anyone. This may seem surprising to you, but several couples have already formed this way on Once!

Our Matchmakers do their utmost to create the perfect match taking into account individual tastes. This means that if your profile matches that of your soul mate, his profile will be offered to you among your meetings of the day!

Is there a charge for the application?

No! Once is available for free download and we will offer you at least one match each day at noon, chosen by our Matchmakers. If a profile you liked likes your profile back within 24 hours, then you will be able to chat as much as you want and for free.

For the more impatient among you, we have implemented a virtual currency (the “crowns”) which makes it possible to be even more efficient in your search for that rare pearl. You also have the option of subscribing to our VIP subscription.

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