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Find who you meet

At the bend of a street, on the terrace, at work, in the evening …
We all exchanged a glance with a person who marked us.
Thanks to Happn, find the people you have met and take your chance!


Dating often happens when you least expect it. Happn is the app that connects you to all those people you meet every day, those who are part of your daily life! Whenever you see a happn member in real life, their profile will appear in your Timeline! Take your chance!

And yes ! We think it's the chance that brings two people together in the same place at the same time, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it, right? We're offering you a new way to more easily find people who go out, live and enjoy the same places as you: the happn MAP!

Your Timeline is unique. It shows you the people YOU have met on your way. But Crushs do not fall from the sky …
Like the profiles you like. If the interest is mutual, it's the Crush! It's up to you, get out your best feather, chat and meet!

If two happn users have not Like each other, it is not possible to start a conversation. This concept of reciprocity guarantees you an experience without spam or harassment.

The precise position of a user remains completely invisible to other users and to happn. Only your approximate crossing points are saved.

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