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BeSexy believe “Being Sexy” is a state of mind not a shape.

One created by a safe and supportive community that empowers you to be Curious and build Confidence as you Discover yourself. Meet like-minded people in a judgement-free community where you can share, learn and be Inspired.

Send Private Picture

BeSexy allow adults to be adults, so you can discover the sexiest content other platforms will not allow. You can share private Snaps one-on-one or with the whole community. It’s up to you how much you share and how far you go!

Live Video Chat

Video chat has become an integral part of our lives. BeSexy platform offers the latest in live streaming technology, so you can explore and connect from the comfort and privacy of your happy place.

Advanced Single Search

Helping you find the right person for you is our most important mission. To accomplish this, BeSexy has developed Advanced Search tools putting you in control and delivering… highly targeted Results! Explore your wildest fantasies by location, interests, content and inspiring users so you find exactly what you are looking for.

Why is Foreplay Important?

Men reach orgasm quicker and more often than women. That’s the reality. It takes the average healthy male approximately 5 minutes to reach climax while the average healthy female can take 17 minutes or more. This is called the orgasm gap. Skipping foreplay means she is most likely not enjoying sex as much as you think she is.

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